Attempting to connect to remote Oracle12c DB results in invalid username/password message being displayed

Toad Data Point Version: (64 bit)

Oracle12c Version:

Initially, I was getting a “…no matching authentication protocol” message, but after updating sqlnet.ora with SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION_SERVER=8, I got an invalid username/password message.

I managed to connect to the same database with the same credentials via SQL Developer.

I then switched to Oracle12c version and managed to connect successfully with the same credentials without having to update sqlnet.ora. I will stick with this version for now.

Has anyone in the TFP Community had any success with connecting to Oracle12c version ?


We have been getting the “…no matching authentication protocol” when using older clients. Changing the client support on the server works. We have not seen the username/password issue. Since SQL Developer uses JDBC to connect I would say it has something to do with the code.