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I want to know if I schedule tasks to run automatic, where the schedule task will be saved on Toad machine or database server

if the toad machine is closed, the schedule task will not run?


If you schedule a task using Toad’s automation designer, the task is saved on the machine running Toad. In that case, the machine will need to be running to run the task. The task could be pl/sql on the server, or something that Toad can do (export data, run a script, etc). Toad does not need to be running because we use the Windows task scheduler.

If you want to schedule something on the database server, go to the Schema Browser in Toad. Find “Scheduler Jobs” in the Schema Browser and there you can create a job to run on the database server. In this case, the job will have to be an executable or pl/sql that resides on the server, and the server will take care of running it.