Automation Action Export to MS Access locking issue


When I export via Schema Browser to MS Access on a network drive, everything works fine. When I do the same thing with Automation Action I get this message.
This is the first time I am seeing this message with v15.0 with Microsoft Windows 10.


The same code runs in Toad in both scenarios.

Are you just manually trying to run it from automation designer, or is this is a scheduled run?


I manually ran the App with export action to Access. No schedule. It’s odd that the schema Browser worked at all. I see there is an issue with Access build and having to revert back to a prior patch, not sure if this is the same issue.


Did the file exist already? If so, maybe it is open in Access (or Toad still has it open). Does it work if you specify a file that does not exist?

I found the cause. When I use the the full network path \dcf-co-fs01\shared$\Analyst\DataAnal\REPORTS\NJSM-1 Monthly Screening and Investigation Report\M1 Database (Automation) the problem disappears and works correctly.

I assume it is an issue with the mapping to a Drive Letter (S:) or something our IT has to do to correct.

Thanks for you help.


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