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Latest Beta brought back all the Reconnect on Exit Windows

I have noticed that if I had 6 connections open and my VPN drops when I close TOAD I now have to play Wack-a-Mole with 3 pop-ups per session that got disconnected. This was fixed a few betas back but seems to have slipped back into the latest build.

I'm trying to reproduce this but not having any luck.

Which windows within Toad are open when you close it?
Are you closing Toad or shutting down PC (I noticed you said "Exit Windows" in the subject)?
Or, are you closing any windows manually or choosing "end connection" before closing Toad?

Also, do you remember which beta you had before you updated to the latest?


I am exiting TOAD when this occurs. It seems to happen when there are Editor windows associated with the sessions.

Will you turn on spool SQL and try to capture the SQL that it's prompting for reconnect on? Feel free to email the spool SQL output if you'd rather not post it here.


I was doing quite a bit of work migrating data today, so waited until I was done to drop my VPN, then exit Toad.

Here is the spool file as requested.

Debug.SQL (3.1 KB)

I got a bunch of this sequence of pop-ups:


followed by:


It cycled as many as 3 times for some of the connections.

Hope this helps.

Yes, that helps. I'll try to repro again tomorrow. Thanks.

Do you use Team Coding?