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BLOB column is editable into Data grid

BLOB column is editable into grid.
If use "upload from file" function on "edited" column, AV appears sometimes.


Thanks. I can't get an AV but I can reproduce the fact that it's editable. I have logged it so it won't get forgotten. We are nearing the end of 14.2 development. I think I'll let this go until 14.3. It's been this way for a long time, I think.

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Thanx You, John.

Ihor, can you provide any details on how to reproduce the access violation? I am hesitant to make the field read-only because I think some users will not like that. I accidentally did that with CLOB recently and had to fix that. I know BLOB is intended for binary but it can be used for character data as well.

AV not reproduced on latest beta.

What about options?
For example,
"Allow to edit Binary LOB into grid"
"Allow to edit Character LOB into grid"

Let user make choice.

If the AV no longer occurs, and I added the option would you still use it?

I'll add the option if it is desired, but if nobody cares, then I won't.

Yes, shurely.
I turn this options off immediately.
Because I modified the BLOB into grid accidentally.
And I wanna protect himself against this.

I will be very grateful to You.

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OK, you'll be able to set this in Options -> Data Grids -> Data, beginning in the first beta after 14.2.

Thank You very much, John.