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Parameters "Make BLOB/CLOB columns read-only" not works.
I can modify BLOB/CLOB columns in grid.

It prevents edit as expected for me. You can't see it in the video but I am typing in the BLOB and CLOB columns.

It is expected that you can still edit if you double-click the cell and go to the Text (or BLOB) editors. Maybe this is not what you expected?


  1. I check options:

  2. I do single click to BLOB column and begin typing "123". Result:

Previous beta not allows to typing in BLOB cell (although text "(NullBlob)" clears, but text "(BLOB)" not clears).

Was the in your 2nd screen shot already loaded with data when you changed the option? (I know this is unlikely but I have to ask!)

Also please share the table script and Oracle client and server versions

I tried all combinations (turned options on and off, refreshed table, changed table in object list).
Result not changes.

See private message.

Oh! I see the problem. If the table has CLOB and BLOB, it is read only. But if the table has only BLOB, it is not. I will fix.

Thank You John.

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