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Brand New! Save The Pivot Grid! Tutorial Mentions .tpg

Hey Everyone! I am BRAND NEW to ALL THINGS TOAD, and I have just taught myself how to build a Pivot Grid THREE TIMES.... every time I save it, and go back into Toad later, I see that it has only save the SQL statement. So I have to rebuild the Pivot Grid again... which is PAINFUL, because of several aspects that do not seem to be as intuitive as an Excel Pivot, i.e. ranking the rows in DESCENDING order according to the count, and sorting the columns in reverse chronological order... so when I finally get it back into shape, I want to SAVE this thing... Robert Pound's tutorial shows to save it as a ".tpg" or "pivot grid" file, however that is not a choice in the dropdown when saving. Can anyone help me? Thanks! Below is a shot of what I did (before LOL) and am trying to build again...


If you press Save on the top left tool bar and give it a name it will naturally save as name.tpg file and save your pivot options. It will also ask if you want to save the rows so you don’t have to execute the query the next time you open. This part being an option. It doesn’t make sense what you describe.

here are some questions we might need asked to detangle this.

What version of TDP are you using?

What connection type are you using?

What are the steps you are using to save?

Please attach a sample pivot file so I can take a look at the file.

Hi Debbie, thanks for writing back… I also emailed you directly with a screen shot of the pivot grid that I had created previously…

What version of TDP are you using? Toad Data Point

What connection type are you using? Teradata

What are the steps you are using to save? When I first attempted to save, I selected “SAVE AS” and then the dropdown. I saved several different times…tpg was never showing as a choice, so I first selected .tsm; a second attempt I saved with a file extension of .tpg by manually typing it, but neither of these files open back up. The only file I can open is the .sql file.

Please attach a sample pivot file so I can take a look at the file. so, I can’t do this because I can’t save it as that… know what I mean?


From your screenshot it seems you are using the Pivottable tab in the Query-builder item (.tsm file). This tab is good for quickly making a pivot from generated data and optionally export the resulting table but not for saving the pivot-table design. If you go to the “result set” tab , right-click on a cell in that tab and then select : “send to” and “Pivot Grid…” this will send the results ( and the SQL query behind it) to a new window where you can design the pivot table and save the design as a .tpg file.

Aha! Yes, that was EXACTLY what I had done: I was using the “Pivot & Chart” tab… I am re-running the result set and will take your prescribed approach and see what happens. Thank you!

Thanks so much for your help with this… I was wondering if you could help me- as you can see, I once was able to sort in DESCENDING order by volume, however I cannot seem to recreate this?

Also, Do you know how to show only the TOP 10 (such as in an EXCEL pivot table?