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Save files from within WorkBook

I have a Toad Workbook with 16 pivots. I need to reuse those pivots. They are very detailed and I don't want to have to create them all over again. How can I get access to them?
The Save As from the tab only saves the twf file.
You used to be able to unzip the workbook and extract the files but not they are password protected. Whats the password?
Or what else can I try?

For each step within the workbook where the pivot/s are created, you can save them to Local Storage, or to Toad Intelligence Central, if you have the TIC server licensed and set up.

That would save the pivoted data. I would like the Toad Pivot Grid files so I can reuse them in an automation script.

Not sure if I understand fully your use case then... can you step it out for us? Especially the part about how you intend to use the Pivot grid files in subsequent automation...

Unfortunately, you cannot save individual 'steps' within a workbook to be used as independent files in Toad Data Point. They are reliant on all of the parent steps that they are attached to in the workbook. You can automate a Toad Data Point workbook to run through the scheduling option in Toad Data Point Workbook and with the next release of Toad Data Point (version 5.5 scheduled to come out first week of October) you can publish and schedule Toad Data Point Workbook to run in Toad Intelligence Central