Cannot set focus to explain window


Happy new year!

I’m currently on Toad

From the editor window I ran a query, results show in the data grid on the bottom half of the screen. This is ok.
Then I brought up a package’s content by pressing which works ok as well.
Then, from the data grid, I bring up the single record viewer, which also works ok.

But now, after clicking the explain window, when I use the scroll wheel on the mouse,
it’s the single record viewer pane that scrolls, rather than the explain window.

As a consequence, while checking code against actual data,
I have to close and reopen the single record viewer every time I want to scroll
to another section of my package :frowning:

Would it be possible to switch between the windows and scroll the current window?

Abe Kornelis

Happy New Year Abe!

I’ve made a change for the next beta so that the Single Record View won’t react to mouse wheel unless the mouse is over the Single Record View.

Okay, John.