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Toad editor does not reponse to slow mouse scroll

In Toad Editor, the top window does not reponse to slow mouse scroll using the scroll wheel. The bottom window (data grid) reponses normally. Please fix.

OK, this one intrigues me…

I’m using Toad v12.1 (also tested 11.6) 64-bit on Win7 (SP1) Pro, with a Logitech Anywhere MX mouse. I’ve set the mouse wheel to both smooth and “ratcheted” styles, but I can’t duplicate your issue, as the Editor scrolls how I would expect it to with my setup.

I’ve also gone into the Win7 mouse wheel settings in control panel, but they don’t seem to affect Toad’s Editor, which appears to be locked at scrolling 3 lines at a time.

What versions of everything are you using?


May not be related but my Windows 7 notebook (a vintage 2003 notebook with older dual core cpu and limited ram) was having lots of mouse scrolling issues in
many software products – including chrome and firefox. My Windows 7 setup had aero turned on and desktop gadgets enabled (but not on my desktop). So I So yesterday I turned off aero and disabled windows feature for desktop gadgets and now my scrolling works
just fine.

This may not be the same problem – but my scrolling today is 10 times better than yesterday – so see if this info could help you