Can't initialize oci error after 4 attempts

I've installed Oracle client 12.2, and TOAD 13.1.1 on Windows 10 computer
Initially I removed the oracle home and followed this.

  1. delete the 12.2 client
  2. make sure there is no trace of any oracle client on hard drive, system path, or registry - specifically HKLM\SOFTWARE\ORACLE. you can just delete that node after deinstall. Also check HTML\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ORACLE for good measure)
  3. reboot
    Reinstall oracle client

This didn't work after 4 attempts.

Please Help!

  1. Is that the only oracle client that you've got installed on your computer? Others are usually OK but sometimes cause problems.
  2. Does the Oracle client bitness (64 or 32) match Toad? It needs to.

Thank you for responding.

That is the only oracle home and 64-bit.

TOAD is also 64-bit.

I'm not sure why those steps aren't working. Is this an instant client or full client?