Connection error

After upgrading to, I get the error “Can’t initialize OCI. Error -1” whenever I try to connect to any database. Any ideas ?

If your Toad is 64 bit, you’ll need a 64 bit Oracle client to go with it.

If that’s not the problem, check this thread: The error message is a little different, but it could be relevant:…/49416.aspx

Out of curiosity was there any other error message that appeared just before this one? Previously Toad would just show the “Can’t Initialize…” error, but in some cases a Windows error code was also set with a corresponding error message. If there is a Windows error code available Toad will now show that error message before showing the “Can’t Initialize…” message. If there is no Windows message you’ll just see the one you report.

There were no error messages before this one.

Will you go to Help -> Support Bundle and send me the contents of that window? You can send it to Thanks.

Uninstalling Oracle client software and re-installing software solved problem.