Can't initilize OCI -1

Dear all I am new to use Toad I have installed two clients oradb11g and 12 c now when I am trying to connect a remote db using IP and port it gives connection time out while using 12c client , When I use 11g it says cannot initialize OCI-1 , I have toad version , I have installed oracle client as 32 bit , and toad as 64 bit I guess

Your Toad bitness (32/64) must match your client bitness.

Also, sometimes Toad doesn't switch well from one client to another. If you want to try client B after using client A, it's best to shut down Toad completely, then restart and to use client B. This is just a known issue going from certain client versions to others. It's not a problem for all of them.

Finally - If you have a connection time out with one client, the problem is most likely not your Oracle client. You either have a wrong port or IP address, or the DB isn't running, or you don't have a network path to it.