change session icon: enhancement request

Most (possibly all screens have the [change session] icon somewhere. I would
like to request that it be in one specific place in all of them. Maybe make it
the first icon like in the MOE window.

That’s pretty much our standard now. Is there a particular window where
you don’t see it as the first icon?

I guess it is my issue. I have a problem with the SB. But of course the SB has a
LHS and an RHS and the change session only makes sense on the RHS. So I have to
put up with it being right at the beginning of the window. Because of course you
can’t put it on LHS where I would like to see it.

I guess I could move that toolbar over, but you’d lose some vertical space
in the LHS.

Don’t. I will live with it. Most people probably wouldn’t want it.