Toad slow to open

I have installed a new version of Toad on a Windows 10 VM (, and it takes a long time to open the program. It takes a long time saying "Checking for critical files...". Also, it takes a long time to get out of the options. I can click 'Cancel', and it takes around two minutes to go away. I also have a red Oracle client listed in my drop-down list. (I have one that isn't red.)

Hi John,

Follow the steps on this post. Let me know if that helps or not.


That worked for two out of three of my issues. Thanks! How can I get rid of the Oracle connection in red in my drop-down?

On the login window, click the '...' next to the "Connect using" dropdown to see why it's red. Post a screenshot if you aren't sure.

The red client's Oracle_Home doesn't exist, and that's fine. Is there a file that contains the homes so I can delete this one?

No, we don't keep a list of them in a file.

My guess is that there is still a registry key for it under either HKLM\Software\Oracle or HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Oracle.

In either case, there may be a node (or multiple nodes) under that branch like:

Obviously the version numbers may differ. As a first step, you may want to rename (or export) the node rather than just delete it.

I blipped the incorrect one, and it's not showing up anymore. Thanks for your quick help!

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