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CodeSnippets.dat file exists -- but not showing in Toad

Product: Toad v

The code snippets file **CodeSnippets.dat **is the path: C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle 12.1\ClientFiles\User Files

However, when I open code snippets in Toad – it is empty. Is there a place to specify the path above within Toad? We upgraded Toad and all of a sudden the code snippets are gone. Any ideas / help would be appreciated!

Thanks, Trish

Did you get an error at any time that the file could not be loaded? Open the file in a text editor. Does it appear to contain anything meaningful? The file is binary, but it should be scattered with plenty of plain text you can read.

If the file appears corrupt you can restore the copy from a prior version of Toad. Close Toad, backup CodeSnippets.dat, and copy CodeSnippets.dat from a prior Toad’s User Files folder. If you’ve never customized your code snippets then with Toad closed rename CodeSnippets.dat and restart Toad. It should return to the default Code Snippets.