column of a clob datatye

I’m trying to make a simple select * from a table with a- clob column datatype
and getting an error: datatype is not supported!
thanks for any assistance.

i’m using sql navigator


Hi bosmat,

Most likely you are using a very old version of Oracle client. Also, could you check your Logon settings (click Options button in the Oracle Logon screen). The Force OCI7 check box must be off.

Hope this helps,

Hi Bosmat,

5.5.1 is quite old. I have 5.5.4 and it works fine. You can updgrade to a later version of Nav. The latest GA release is 6.1.1. You can also get a beta release for 6.2 from this location and try it out.


hi roman,
you are a genious! you are my dba from now on… (joking)