Completely Off Topic - Cheers to Norm!

Ode to Norm

When our matey Norm

Sails off in the sun,

We’re sure gonna miss

That old sun of a gun!

Oh, what shall we do

While Norm is away?

I have a suggestion,

A tribute to pay…

Because we will miss him

Almost to tears,

I think we should close

Each TOAD email with CHEERS!

Cheers, Norm! Have a lovely holiday!

Darlene R. Ulmet

Financial Analyst II

Revenue Cycle

Strategic Financial Planning and Analysis

Baylor Health Care System

Phone: (214) 820-1936

Fax: (214)820-8515


Late I have seen

this humblest ode,

not knowing that Norm

has left his abode.

Agreed then I am

that his presence we’ll miss,

when he’s on the boards

his postings are bliss.

So apologies I offer

those posts which have lacked

a most hearty CHEERS!

any less have no tact



Alas, alas, alas and alack,
It seems that Norm
Has made it back.

His plane was late,
His luggage lost,
An expensive holiday,
If you count the cost.

At first we hear, the plane was broken,
We did not get a free meal token!

They left us there,
Without a clue,
Of anything we had to do.

We sat around, so patiently,
Until delayed, in hours, three.
And then upon a bus we stood,
For half an hour,
'Twas very rude.
The temperature was 40 C,
The sweat was running out of me!

And on the plane, we finally got,
Even then, it was flipping hot.

And off to Leeds we finally went,
All our Euros completely spent.
The luggage stayed, alone in store,
While we all left that foreign shore.

Arriving back in Leeds, our bases,
And being told, about our cases,
Left far behind with may more,
Without which the plane wouldn’t have got off the floor!

(ok, sorry about that last line!)

Due to the extremely high temperatures in Olbia (Sardinia) the plane, a
Boeing 737-300 was unable to load all the luggage for everyone or it
would have been unable to get off the deck, so they quietly left about
40 people’s luggage behing in the airport and only told us when we
arrived back in Leeds - some three hours a,d a half, late. We were not
amused, but what the heck!

I’d rather be home without luggage than embedded in a mountain with -
the take off is directly towards a mountain!

Should have taken an Airbus!!!

Cheers, Darlene for the thoughts!

Norm. [TeamT]

so if you really need to have your luggage lost take Alitalia?

welcome back…and here is the weeks news :
the oil leak in the gulf was capped by a 175 tonne sealing cap…
the obamas went to maine
cameron is the new Prime Minister of UK

welcome back to western civilisation norm!
Martin Gainty

please do not alter/modify or disrupt this transmission. Thank You

If everything went perfectly, then you wouldn’t have had a
“memorable” trip. :wink: We went on lots of vacations when I was
growing up but the ones I remember the most are the time the car broke down in
Flagstaff and the time it poured almost the entire time we were at Sequoia.

Glad you’re back, Norm, and that it was your luggage that got lost and not