Connecting to DataHub database from outside of Toad?

I would like to connect to the MySQL local storage database through Access. Is this possible? I haven’t figured out the MySQL server name if it is. Its not localhost apparently.
Thank you,

Only Toad Data Point can access Local Storage. What is it you would like to do? Perhaps we can figure out another way to achieve what you want to do.


I would like to use the forms in Access on tables linked to Toad local storage. Mostly for formatting, but also for easily updating single records. I have an automation script that executes some data validation queries on an Oracle system and stores potential problems in Toad local storage. If the potential problem isn’t a problem, I want to enter an explanation and set an “exception” flag in a field. There isn’t any reason I have to output this to Toad local storage, I can create an external database and store it there. I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be able to access it outside of Toad. But if you have another suggestion, please advise.

I think for this particular use case I would export the potential problem rows to the Access database that has the forms. You can easily append to an existing table or create a new table by using the Export Wizard.

Local Storage is a MySQL database that is identified as localhost. It is just that everytime Toad Data Poiint starts up we change the port it listens on. Only TDP knows this port.

We do have a Team Server package where the Storage database can be installed on a server and access by all, but that doesn’t really seem necessary in your case.