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Connection Browser - Group favorites by tags or names

The Connection Browser has a great feature called “Show favorites only”.
I work for quite a few customers and I can mark all connections related to one customer as “Favorite”. Then I can see the reduced list when this is checked. This feature is one of my favorites. However, I wish I could name several “favorite” groups, as “Customer A”, “Customer B” and so on. This way the same – or very similar – feature can be used to dynamically create the relevant list of connections, depending on the name of the customer (or any other grouping/naming that might be relevant)

Click the "Edit Custom Fields" button on the toolbar. You can create a field to add to the grid to use for whatever purpose you want, then group/sort by it as you can by any other field.

It is a nice feature, but a little cumbersome. I have tried using "Alias". Once grouped, it's removed from the grid, and each entry needs a separate "Edit" to add the value, before it's in the group. Alternatively, the group can be removed, then several entries can be edited directly in the grid, then group again. If "favorites" was a drop-down, life would be easier.

A thing I like about this grouping, is you can fold the tree. But if you choose a new sort - e.g. by Last connect - they all unfold. This is not needed with "Favorites" - which is why I still prefer, that favorites can be made into a list.

When you group by Alias or a custom field, yes it goes away automatically, but you can bring it back by clicking the button in the top-left corner of the grid, then re-checking the grouped column. Then you can change the grouped field value without having to ungroup/regroup everything.

By the way, I recommend you do this with a custom field, not alias. Depending on other settings in Toad, if you have multiple connections with the same alias you could easily get them mixed up because the alias could be shown instead of the connection info.

I don't understand the potential benefit of using the Favorites field for this. You'd still have to edit each row to put it in the desired group.

These are great tips. Thanks! I will use custom field.

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