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Connection status wrong

I noticed in the connection status is wrong sometimes.
I know it's not disconnected because I'm running queries and getting data back at that time.

If just one background session of a connection becomes disconnected, you will get that icon.

I have no background sessions that I know of. Does the Schema Browser run sessions in the background?

Do you have Options -> Oracle -> Transactions -> "Execute queries in threads " checked?
If so, SB Data tabs and Editor F9 runs in a background session.

No, it's unchecked. Here are all the settings.

I'll log it as a reminder to look at it later. I don't know what else could cause this off the top of my head. Does Session -> Test/Reconnect clear it? (maybe try that with spool sql on, you can see if it actually does a disconnect/reconnect or just a test)

Also, I know you said "sometimes" so I guess it seems random at this point but if you discover any steps to reproduce it, please let me know.

Yes, reconnect always clears it. I've done it now with spool on.

-- Session: XXXXXX@UAT
-- Timestamp: 14:20:50.517
select 'x' from dual;

-- Session: XXXXXX@UAT
-- Timestamp: 14:20:50.724
select SYS_CONTEXT('USERENV','SID') sid, sysdate from dual;

-- Session: XXXXXX@UAT
-- Timestamp: 14:20:50.776

-- Session: XXXXXX@UAT
-- Timestamp: 14:20:50.829

-- Session: XXXXXX@UAT
-- Timestamp: 14:20:50.885
select sys_context('USERENV','INSTANCE_NAME') as INSTANCE_NAME,
from dual;

-- Session: XXXXXX@UAT
-- Timestamp: 14:20:50.937
select p1.inst_id, p1.value inst_name, p2.value undo_tablespace
from gv$parameter p1, gv$parameter p2
where p1.inst_id = p2.inst_id
and = 'instance_name'
and = 'undo_tablespace'
order by 1;

-- Session: XXXXXX@UAT
-- Timestamp: 14:20:51.015

Thanks for the info. I've logged it so it won't be forgotten, but I might not get to it soon.

No worries, just reporting a bug. I don't imagine it rates high on the bug priority list.

I appreciate your taking the time to report it.

I think I've figured out how to reproduce the issue. If a session is disconnected for some reason (my port forwarding session closed for instance) Toad will in some circumstances reconnect automatically. This is when the tab status doesn't get updated. I haven't figured out why it automatically reconnects sometimes but not others.

Here is my guess.

  • Options -> Oracle -> Transactions -> "Auto-reconnect..." is checked.
  • It successfully reconnects if connection got severed but network path got re-established, then you try to do something in Toad. Toad notices the connection was lost and reconnects.
  • It fails to reconnect when connection gets severed and network path does not get re-established, then you try to do something in Toad. Toad notices the lost connection and tries but fails to reconnect.

Edit: Yup, that's it. I am able to reproduce it.

Yes, that sounds like you nailed it.

I wouldn't have found it without your help!

Thanks and Happy New Year. We'll have this fixed for 15.1.

Happy New Year to you and everyone at Toad World!
It's a good start to the year when we fix something on the first day back :grinning:

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Oh, I just discovered something....for me, it looks like just a repainting problem. when I pass my mouse in front of the connection lost icon, it goes away.

Not for me. It survives mouse over and minimize/restore of window.

hm, maybe I didn't figure it out then. :frowning:

I assume you are testing with the same version ( that I'm using?
I'm not sure what other test parameters might be different but let me know if you need me to do additional tests.

Well, I'm working with my development build but it should be close enough.

What's your error code when the connection is initially lost? You'll have to turn on spool sql to find it. Make the disconnect/autoreconnect happen, then search in spool sql output for "ORA-"

Edit: OK, I tried in 15.0 also and I see the same as what I mentioned before (icon repaints after passing mouse over it). So I think I haven't quite figured it out yet.