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Create keyboard short cut to open Save/Load Window Snapshot

I use the database import function dozens of times a day into the same tables and in the same format, and to streamline things as much as possible I have saved an action. I access this by clicking Database->Import->Import Table Data, then clicking the camera icon at the bottom of the screen which in turn opens the Save/Load Window Snapshot popup.

Is it possible to have this popup window appear simply by sasigning a keyboard shortcut to it - trying to create a macro to do this failed because the stop recording button is not visible when I from the Import Data window,

No, but I do have some ideas on how you can get things done faster.

Have you tried going to your tables in schema browser, then right-click -> data -> import?
Toad automatically remembers last used settings for each table.

Another option would be to keep an action for each table somewhere in Automation Designer. Then you could just right-click your action and run it.