Data grid group panel doesn't allow cancel or respect NO

Describe window - Data tab, add column to Group by panel, was warned that all data would be fetched and I said OK. Table has over 7 million rows. The fetch was in batches with a Yes/No popup. After a few Yesses, I hit NO repeatedly and it continued to fetch rows, even after I received the "exceeded low memory threshold - fetch aborted" messages. I believe my choices at that point were to kill Toad or continue hitting Yes or No (it didn't matter) until it fetched all data - neither one was a desirable choice.
Is there a way to cancel this fetch?
Why did Toad ignore the NO response? A waste of time to keep asking and ignoring.

Thanks for the info, Dale. Definitely not intended behavior. I'll check it out Monday.

Hey Dale,

I almost forgot about this. Logging it now in our bug tracking system. WIll post when it's fixed.


To be fair, the message says "grouping will cause a non-cancellable fetch of all data".

The good news is that I found a way to make it cancellable.

So it should be better next beta.

Thanks for making it cancellable.
I take full responsibility for clicking OK to the "non-cancellable fetch" prompt. My issue was the endless popups after each fetch. I have the "warn after n fetches" option checked so I guess this is expected(?). When I clicked NO, it continued to fetch. So will clicking NO now cancel the fetch? I also received numerous "low memory warning, fetch aborted" messages. Will low memory warning also cancel the fetch? Figured I'd ask while your looking at this.

I should have added a smiley. Just having a little fun with you. :smiley:

The endless prompts were dumb. Now NO will cancel it, even after YES. And the low memory abort works there too now.

And I also applied the same change to Grid -> Rt-click -> Print. Hopefully nobody is actually printing that much data.

Great. Thank you.

You're welcome. It'll be in the beta after the one just posted.