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How do I cancel a data grid pivot?

I ran a query which had a large number of results and looked at the first 500 which were returned in a data grid, then hit the Pivot Grid button. Toad asked if I wanted to load all results in order to pivot and I chose yes. Toad began loading the rows, and when the number of rows returned was much higher than expected and still rising, I tried to use the Cancel Data Fetch button to cancel. However, nothing happened. Eventually I got the Toad message “You are about to run out of memory. Fetch aborted.” This is well and good – I’m sure I was indeed running out of memory and I very much wanted the fetch aborted – except that this didn’t abort the fetch. The rows returned count kept going up and I got the same message again and again. Finally I shut down Toad from the Task Manager to make it stop.

My questions are:

  1. How do I cancel in that scenario?

  2. Why didn’t “fetch aborted” mean that the row loading was cancelled?

It’s a bug in the Editor - fixed for next beta.

Until then, if you do this in Schema Browser->Tables->Data, it should be able to cancel.