DESCRIBE Window Data Tab - Ignores sort changes

So when viewing data in a describe window I sometimes changes the sort for a column to descending by clicking a column header and changing it. This does not work it is just ignored.
I am using version

For me this is working ok.

Have you clicked the "Filter/Sort" button to add an order by that way? That will prevent column header clicks from working. If you did that, go back into filter/sort and clear the sort there, then you can use column-header clicking again.

Not using filter sort.
Works for you? UHOH...

I must have some option causing it then?

Does it not sort for any table/column or just some of them?

Are you sure you aren't clicking some non-sortable datatype, like BLOB/CLOB?

Any table any column. Additionally, after clicking sort descending it does not do the sort but... The downward arrow is shown next to the column, and if i do it to another column in the same table the original downward arrow persists even though when opening it the sort option shows ascending. I'm not sure this was even happening at all before yesterday? I just updated to the latest beta version this morning but no help.

For the latest beta I did make some changes in there, but nothing that should make this happen.

The changes I made allow you to Shift+Click on the column headers for multi-column sort (to get "order by 1, 2" for example).

Does the sort dialog appear when you click the column header?

Can you send me a video of what's happening? Maybe something will jump out at me. You can send it to my email if you don't want to post it here. -

I use Screen2Gif to make videos. It's free.

I unchecked the show column id in grid column header as you suggested and it works... Thanks