Schema brower sort

I have a muscle memory issue. Others please tell me if the same.

for years, in schema browser->data.

  1. I click on the title bar
  2. I click down arrow
  3. I click enter.

Now I need to click on the asc/desc. I know this is a tiny issue in my life.

With the latest version there is a new NULL grouping. Can we move back the focus to Ass/DESC as focus when opened?

No problem, sorry about that. I'll fix. If it helps - you don't have to use the mouse. You can hit TAB a few times to get focus over to Asc/Desc. But, muscle memory, I get it.

And, you may have noticed this, but just FYI -

You can now sort by multiple columns. After you have sorted by one column, click a different column header to sort. Then you get this. If you check "Append" then add to the order by clause instead of replace it. (Or you can Shift+Click a column header to make "Append" automatically checked).

thanks, i do not have the latest beta, so i do not have the multi sort, yet


You have the multi sort. It was introduced in 16.3. That's why the dialog changed.

Click 1 column. OK to sort.
Shift+Click a different column. Now it will multi-sort