Dual Boot Compatibility

I want to use a Macbook Pro as my hardware for my new job. I plan to use BootCamp to dual boot Windows, a linux distro and OSX. My new boss is concerned that I may run into compatibility issues when trying to use toad on my Windows partition. I don’t forsee any issues given that Macs use Intel CPUs these days. Does anyone have a similar setup or experience with one? Can anybody speak to the compatibility of Toad running on Windows on a MacBook as its hardware?

You shouldn’t have any issues. As an alternate solution, you may want to look at VMWare Fusion instead of doing a dual boot. On my home Mac, I have a Windows VM with Toad for Oracle running and a Linux VM with my Oracle DB. No fuss at all.

I can confirm that on VmWare workstation 10.x (or player if you have get ready image) with Toad 12.x installed, works on Windows with 2.0 GB RAM (no swap) as hell.

Only important thing is that VM has real RAM (not swapped from the host) what brings us at least 6 GB memory need on host.