Port Windows TOAD over to MacOS

The Mac is an accepted computer in industry now.  Port TOAD over to MacOS so it can be used by us DBA's without having to mount a windows VM.

That would be great.

There is a Toad Mac edition.   www.toadworld.com/.../toad-mac-edition

Toad for Mac is discontinued.  It was buggy.

I would love to have a mac version. TOAD is the only reason for running a windows VM on my mac.

Interesting idea, and these are my own thoughts about the suggestion.

I would imagine that in order to get a decent port of Toad to the Mac, you would probably need to ask Embarcadero to make Delphi available for the Mac too? I'm pretty certain (99.999%) that Toad is still developed in Delphi.

Alternatively, Quest could ask their developers to stop using Delphi and start using Lazarus instead? :wink: There's a port for the Mac over at http://sourceforge.net/projects/lazarus/files/Lazarus%20Mac%20OS%20X%20i386/Lazarus%202.0.0/ but it's 32 bit only and for x86 - so any remaining PowerPC users would be left out.

My own preference would be to stop using Delphi, much as I love Delphi, and start using QT - then the same source code would be used to build 32 and 64 bit Toad for all known operating systems, except probably the Sinclair ZX-81 :wink:. But that would mean the developers learning C++ rather than Pascal, however I would then be able to run Toad natively on Linux rather than in a VM. :grinning:.

As for whether or not the MAC is an accepted OS, I sort of agree - I have a colleague, who works with Tanel Poder, and Tanel's company is the only Oracle support company I know of, that uses Macs. I rather suspect other companies have seen how well Macs do in relation to audio and print but consider them too upmarket/over-expensive for general day to day operation. Why eat steak :cut_of_meat: when you can get by perfectly well on burger? :hamburger: (aka Windows.)

Seriously though, it would be great to have Toad as a proper cross platform application.

EDIT: I didn't realise that this idea in the pond was from 2017, and only has 1 vote - so I guess that's why there is probably not going to be a Mac port of Toad.

Norm [TeamT]

I need a version of Toad for Oracle that would run on MacOS.

Being a Delphi developer and talking to the Quest folks in the past I know this would be a difficult task. I believe they started off using the VCL framework which is Windows only. To port Toad they would have to convert it to the FireMonkey framework that you can compile Delphi for Windows, MacOS, Linux, IOS, IpadOS, Android. Based on my experience is very possible, easy no.

That said if Quest could start with just a bare bones version for MacOS that would make life so much easier for us.