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Toggle Editor to Full screen


Is it a way to toggle Editor window to full screen(a really full screen, no menu, no toolbars, etc.) like it works with F11 in others programs under Windows?


No, the option that hides all dock panels is all we have.


Good Afternoon Michael,

    Can this be added as a feature enhancement?  Sometimes viewing more code on the screen is nice; better yet not to need to leave TOAD to do it.  Remember Dell started adding browser enhancements to the TOAD editor with the <Ctrl> mouse wheel sizing.  :)


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Check out the Idea Pond. I don’t know if a request already exists for this or not, but vote it up if so or start a new one so it can gain traction.




I’ve found a request on it, but it was 5 years ago. I hope this new feature will be in Toad sooner or later :slight_smile:…/82ceecc6-db43-4311-bc61-f4953220817d

Come on guys, vote it on!




You should talk to our product management and ask them to free up some time for user requests! :slight_smile: It’s a top 10 idea as it sits now so it’s definitely worth considering.


May I ask who is the product manager I should talk to? :wink: