enhancement request: compare data result grid

When you compare the data in two files or two views you are looking for
differences. So I would like a new button somewhere. This button should be
greyed out until you select more than one row. Then it should become active. The
purpose of the new button should be to [FIND NEXT DIFFERENCE]. It should scroll
through the selected rows looking for columns where a value is different from
the others.

In 10.5, try this:

Select the rows of interest.

Click the column selector widget (top left corner of grid)

Right-click on the menu that appears

Click “Uncheck columns with matching data in selected rows”

Now, the only visible columns are the ones with differences.

When you want all the columns back, click the column selector widget again,
right-click and choose ‘check all’.

Thank you. I guess that means I have to upgrade to 10.5 soon.

Yup. Then you can get the beta. The next beta will have another old request of
yours – support for IOTs and LOBS in the SB-Tables-RHS stats/size.