Entity Properites dialog suggestion


It would be helpful if the contents of the Object Navigator box could be;

  1. filtered
  2. restricted to the entities on the current workspace
    This would give the possibility of working with a restricted set at times, rather than entire contents of the model.
    It would also be useful on other dialogs, such as View and Relationship Properties.

Kind regards

Hello Malcolm,

Thanks very much for your suggestion.

Yes, it would be very nice, however how to do it…
Let’s consider the following facts:

  • The form (e.g. Entity Properties form) relates to entity ‘object’, not entity ‘shortcut’.
  • You can have shortctus of the same entity on many workspaces.
  • Also, the entity shortcut does not have to be on any workspace (but the entity ‘object’ can exist in the model).
  • You can open the form from several places - Model Explorer, double-click on any shortcut on any WS…
  • You can open the form on one WS and clik on another WS to e.g. check out its content. (In other words, call the form from one WS and activate different WS.)
  • You can open the form and the cursor does not have to be on any WS (e.g. when you work in Script Explorer or Version Manager…).
  • You can open the form via double-click the particular entity shortcut and while the form is open, you can remove the shortcut from the WS (delete).

These are the questions we ask ourselves.
Do you have an idea how to select/determine the particular WS to the form (entity, relationship, view) to filter the object selection in Object navigator box?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Thanks very much in advance!


Vladka + TDM Team

Hi Vladka,

It sounded quite simple when I wrote the request , but when you put it like that …

I’ll settle for a filter, so the list could be restricted to, say “ABC*”. Since we use a naming convention, this should provide the desired effect.


Anyway, here’s a workaround (although I don’t know if it satisfies your needs):
In Model Explorer | Workspaces | select particular WS | see the Entity Shortcuts, Relationship Shortcuts and View Shortcuts folders.
If you want to edit entities by WS, you can edit them right from this place - one entity (relationship, view) after another.

Note: When you double-click the item from this place (under the Workspaces item), the object will be highlighted on the particular WS.
…to compare…
When you double-click the particular entity under the Entities item in ME, you open the Entity Properties form.
… So, this was just a little note…

Well, I hope it might help you a little…

Have a nice day.


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