Error dialog when I start Toad (12.6)


After I click OK the app starts ok. Any ideas? The command that starts Toad doesn't have any parameters.

More information:


2.1 Date : Fri, 3 Oct 2014 09:40:06 -0700
2.2 Address : 041D9540
2.3 Module Name: Toad.exe - (Toad™ for Oracle®)
2.5 Type : EConvertError
2.6 Message : ''SET'' is not a valid integer value.
2.7 ID : 82660000
2.8 Count : 0
2.11 Sent : 0

Call stack:

Click where it says “Click Here”. That will show another dialog. Click on the “call stack” tab of that dialog, and paste the contents here.

I just updated the original message.

It looks like something is wrong in your project manager file. Can you send it to me? The default filename is Project.tpr, and it’s in your user files directory. In the meantime, to avoid the error, just close your project manager and restart Toad.

Oh, and you can send the file to