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Error in Command Session Browser

Hello. Can you help me ?
I don't know what is the error -86 in the Command line Parameter of the session. How can I find the reason of this errror ?



That is not referring to command line parameters or errors.

Oracle has command codes for each type of statement (for example, INSERT is 2, SELECT is 3, etc.).
In V$SESSION, the COMMAND column just has the numeric code for the most recently run SQL by the session.
Toad normally translates these codes to their english equivalent using this table. but if you look there, you will see that they are all positive values. So Toad doesn't know how to translate -86, so it just shows -86.

you can also find the values for the command codes by this query, in newer versions of Oracle:
FROM v$sqlcommand

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You might get some information from audit_actions matching the command value, -86, with the action column.

It might help.

Norm. [TeamT]

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Thank you for your responses. I don't know why i have this code, but now, i know what should be this column !


Welcome to the Toad for Oracle community!

I don't believe the "-86" you're seeing is an error of any kind. I'm guessing the session you're monitoring involves querying the v$Session or v$SQLArea views, whose COMMAND column can contain codes that refer to SQL operations, (like TRUNCATE, for example.) Would help to see the SQL statement for the session at the time of viewing. See a snap below from my own system, and then a useful link from Oracle that might help:

And, BTW, apologies to my fellow responders... didn't see your replies until I sent mine...