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Error loading library 'LIBCS.DLL,LIBCT.DLL'

I just loaded Sybase’s client libraries so I could connect TDM to an ASE 15 server running on my linux laptop. I’m trying to connect natively since I haven’t defined an ODBC data source for it.

Anyway, when I supply the connection information and try connecting I get the error on the subject line. The libraries are loaded into c:\sybase\OCS-15_0\ but are using the “new” names of libsybcs.dll and libsybct.dll.

The names missing the “syb” in them are for older Sybase libraries that risk name collisions with other products.

Should I just rename the libraries? Copy them? Is there a TDM patch?

I confirmed the lib directory is in the lib environment variable. I tried renaming the libraries but it still complained they weren’t found. I’m recycling the computer to make sure the environment variables take effect.

Note: This is Vista Business 32


Please check out whether you have installed a client from Sybase. You need this to be able to use our native connection. In the client, you have to add a server in environment of DSEDIT program (Open Client Directory Service Editor).

Hope this info helps.

Please let us know.




I’m unsuprised - 5 years after Sybase changing library names and TOAD still wants old names for reverse engeneering ASE 15.7… For Sybase users I found this help:

In 12.5 OpenClient SDKs the libraries have names like :

libct.dll, libcs.dll etc.

In 15.x OpenClient SDKs the libaries all have names like:

libsybct.dll, libsybcs.dll etc.

This was don’t to avoid possible name collisions with other vendor


Look to see if there is a README and copylibs.bat located at:

%sybase%%sybase_ocs%\scripts. Read the README and rename the



Hi Rovis,

please use Native Connection instead of Obsolete Native Connection. The obsolete method should be used in specific scenarios only.