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EurekaLog EAccessViolation When Launching TOAD for Oracle 12.11


I have begun getting an error when Launching TOAD for Oracle 12.11 that is causing an application crash and erratic functionality. Late last week, my corporate laptop hung up so that I had to use a hard power reset to get it back up. After this action, TOAD for Oracle began presenting this error. Mysteriously, uninstalling and reinstalling the application does not correct the problem.

This is similar to the issues reported in the following threads:

These are a couple years old and for older versions of TOAD. Also, the use cases do not match mine. In those situations, the error was appearing during certain actions while using TOAD. In my case, this occurs when I launch TOAD. Here is a screen capture of the application error:

4645.TOAD Error.png

TOAD does come up behind the error, but when I click OK, it all goes away. If I do not click OK, I can work with TOAD after a fashion, but the functionality is strangely erratic with frequent crashes. One of the main issues is that the settings cannot be saved. Also, the default configuration is messed up visually. When I click OK in the above box, the following EurekaLog screen appears:

TOAD Error 3.png

Also, the following message appears if I do NOT click OK:

TOAD Error 2.png

If I click OK in this message box without clicking OK in the error message box, TOAD does work enough to get by, but it has adversely affected the application making it very fragile during operation.

This is not a freeware version of the product but was supplied by my company. I am working on getting the required information to be able to open a support ticket, but in the meantime, I thought I would post the problem here to see of anyone has any ideas. The above-referenced threads did not have any resolution that I could apply.




I have installed TOAD 13 in an attempt to resolve the problem, but it did not.



Hello Russ,

Please try the following and see if it resolves your issue. Doing this will reset your settings and remove your saved connections, but we can get those back, if needed, as long as they are not what was causing the problem.

  1. Launch Toad.
  2. Select Utilities | Copy User Settings.
  3. Select the option to reset to a clean set of User Files.
  4. Click OK and see if issue occurs when Toad is restarted.



These steps did not correct the problem.



Can you check Window’s Event Viewer and see if anything is logged in there for Toad when this occurs?

Also, send me your Toad.el file, which is in the C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\13.0 folder.



There is nothing recorded in the Windows event log when this occurs.

What is a “Toad.el” file?



Toad.el = Toad.ErrorLog


I have attached the Eureka Log, which is in a different location from the one given.

Toad.log (2.03 KB)


If you look in C:\Users\rcannon\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle, do you have a 13.0 folder and 13.0_bak folder?

If so, is there a JumpTargets.dat file in the User Files folder located in both the 13.0 and 13.0_bak folders?

If so, are the JumpTargets.dat file the same size? What size are they?


The files are present. In 13.0, the size is 3,882KB. In 13.0.bak, it is 0KB.



Just to make sure that the User Files folder was reset correctly, were all your saved connections gone and the settings reset after creating the new User Files folder?

If so, I think the best thing to do would be a re-install again, making sure to remove all folder in between the un-install and re-install. Please take the following steps and let me know if it resolves the issue.

  1. Use the Programs window, through the Control Panel, to un-install Toad 13.0.
  2. Rename the ‘Toad for Oracle’ folder, located in C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software, to ‘Toad for Oracle old’.
  3. Rename the installation directory, which is C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle 2018 Edition\Toad for Oracle 13.0 by default. You can rename ‘Toad for Oracle 13.0’ to ‘Toad for Oracle 13.0 old’.
  4. Install Toad 13.0.
  5. Test to see if issue continues.



This problem mysteriously disappeared a few days ago without any further action on my part. I cannot post a fix because I did nothing.