Excel Template & Excel Instance


I am using Toad for Oracle 12.5 and having an excel template to which a few settings enforced so that it would be cascaded or descended to all excel sheets.

The problem I am facing is, during data export to Excel Instance, the template settings are not cascaded or descended. Is there a way, to enforce or ensure the template settings on the Excel Instances?

Alternatively, how to ascertain the base template for Excel Instances?

I am the guy who wrote the export to Excel instance code and I have no idea. But if you tell me how to make a few basic template settings, I can try to figure that out.

In the template for instance I do have format for row height, row width, first row page freeze etc. Ideally, these settings should reflect in the excel instance when the data export to excel.


Toad creates a new sheet before it starts writing to Excel. Is there some setting in Excel you can make that will automatically apply the template to each new sheet?

Another option may be to manually create the new sheet yourself, then in Excel, move the cursor to the top-left cell where you want Toad to start writing data, and check the “Start at Active Cell” checkbox in Toad’s export dialog.

Toad does call Excel’s Autofit routine on each column at the end of exporting, so your column widths in your template might not stick.

Before posting on this forum, I had tried this by creating a sheet template. Well, if I open a new excel and add a new sheet, the template settings are being enforced. However, when it does the export from Toad, the template settings are not enforced at all.

Sheet template idea propelled from this post

The second option is quite cumbersome and most importantly not a pragmatic approach as it does not leverage the purpose of an Excel Instance.