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Explorer context menu change database connection

In the 32-bit version of Toad for sql server, in the explorer, there is a right-click context menu item that permitted changing the database connection. I can't seem to find or configure the same context menu in the 64-bit version. Is it just not available in the 64-bit version, or am i missing some configuration item?

Not sure where you were right-clicking, but there's at least three easy ways to switch connection context. See snap below. Hope this helps.

So I was referring specifically to the context menu on the explorer tab. On the 32-bit version when I right-click an explorer tab I have the “Change Connection” option in the context menu. In the 64-bit version, that option is missing. It is still available on an “edit” tab as in your figure. I was wondering if there was a way to include it on the explorer tab – as if I missed an option somewhere.


Ah, thanks. You're referring to the Database Explorer. Can you supply a screen snap of that right-click menu for the 32-bit Toad off the DB Explorer tab? I can't I don't recall that the right-click off this tab ever had a Change Connection" entry. Thanks.

It was very convenient to change the connections for a database explorer from the context menu

OK, let's get one of our Dev team members to chime in here... it appears that they took this capability out in the later releases. I don't see an option to toggle the connection change on/off.

BTW, what version number of Toad/SQL Server was this working in?

Hi, you're right in the latest releases it does not work on 64bit. I tried 6.8 and it worked fine there on both bitnesses. Let me discuss whether we can bring it back.

I've opened a defect TMB-2399.

the 32-bit version i tried is 6.8