Fail to run for the first time after successfully install: Toad


Installed successfully Toad 64 bit on windows server 2012 R2.
The first run fails with error popup windows titled: critical files missing.
An error message appears with a long file path for the file .
That file exists .
Coud any one help?

Hmmm... Does the same thing happen with the latest version 15.1?

Also, is it possible that the .cab files are in a directory location that is permissions-locked?

No permission lock.

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I almost want to say that the downloaded installer might be corrupted.
Can you download the 15.1 version and install again?

What is the "long path?" Is it the path to your Toad for Oracle installation folder or is it completely off?

Toad checks for that .cab file's existence and validates that it is signed by Quest Software. If the file does not exist or its signature cannot be validated then Toad will not start.

  • Right-click on the file and choose Properties
  • Activate the "Digital Signatures" tab
  • Select the "Quest Software Inc." signature
  • Click "Details"

Does it report that the signature is OK? If it does not you can click "View Certificate" and then "Install Certificate..." You can accept the default values in the "Certificate Import Wizard" and Toad should then run. If you lack permissions on your machine to install the certificate, reach out to your admins for assistance.

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