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TOAD crashes on startup

After a power failure, my computer restarts and now, I can't launch Toad for Oracle.

I tried to reinstall and delete all the quest software directories in my AppData\Roaming folder, but it doesn't work.

It always shows the same error:
Error image

There isn't logs or crashes on quest software folder.

TOAD for Oracle Version:
S.O: Windows: 8.1 Enterprise

After you deinstall Toad and before you reinstall, make sure all of the files are gone from c:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle 14.2 (and that folder itself is gone)

Also make sure they are going from AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\14.2 (and that folder is gone)

If you don't have any other Toad versions installed, also make sure that there are no Toad folders in AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\

Then reboot and reinstall


I unistalled the TOAD versiones (I only have one). Then I deleted all the quest software folders in Program files and AppData (included Romaing and the Local one).

After rebooting, I reinstalled TOAD but the error on startup stills and the application inmediatly closes.


I think the problem is related with a system library dependecy that maybe is corrupted after the power failure. Maybe a redistributable or something like this. I only have installed the VS 2008 Redistributable (for x86 & x64).

If I load the toad.exe with the Dependency walker I saw a missing library called "empty string":


I see you are on version 14.2

Does the problem also happen on the latest version, 15.0? You can get it here.

Yes, the problem aslo happen with the latest version. I installed the latest version and now, the application closes inmediatly without showing any exception.

I launched with depedency walker profile and I show an memory access violation error when it tries to call some kernelbase.dll method. I guess that it was corrupted after the power failure.

Later, I updated my pc to Windows 10 because I need the WSL for another application. After the update, Toad began to work again without errors.