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File holding session information


I've been looking for the file that keeps the session information. Does any one know where it is, what it is called? If it is somewhere else to set it, can someone please let me know? Thanks,


what exactly do you mean by "Session Information"?

If the list of connections that you see in the login window, that's in Connections.XML. If you mean something related to your active session in the database....that's in the database, not a local file.

Suspect connections.xml is what I'm needing. I will check. This is a very old version and we're looking at updating. Thanks!

If it's a very old version, then you might have Connections.Ini and ConnectionPWDs.Ini.

10.6 I think is the version we have.

Is it possible to copy the data from the connections.ini file to the new connections file? or the other connectionspwd.ini file also?

In New version of Toad, go to Main Menu -> Utilities -> Copy User Settings.

Choose "Copy user files from a previous installation"

You're the bomb! I'm in business. Thanks!

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