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I'm not liking this new format of the Beta list! :-(


Whereas my beta email used to arrive to my toad email address, and order themselves nicely in Thunderbird buy subject and date, I find now that they are arriving in my Norman email address - which isn’t the one I registered with - and, they don’t thread.
– Cheers,
Norm. [TeamT]


I completely agree with you Norm.

Personally I’m still a fun of NNTP solutions, My TB is working just fine with them.

here’re the things that in my opinnion look preety bad:

  • tab pages have no close icon
  • fonts- I know it’s personal, but it just ain’t working for me.
  • lack of treeview style for threading etc.
  • those 3 column on the thread list is a bit too little
  • missing a possibility of putting some selector (TB has got a star) or anything that would allow me to select and watch on threads I’m interested in (even when I’m not participatin’ in it) -I assume My Threads are those that I created.