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TOAD saves source code in ANSI always

TOAD always saves the source code in ANSI encoding despite the choice of UTF-8. TOAD beta

Saves it from where? There are multiple ways to save code from Toad.

Please give specific steps.


git checkout master
Open procedure or package (in UTF-8), edit and save. And it saved in ANSI! If use Save as then it saved in UTF-8.

I tried to reproduce this but for me it is working. Toad saves the file with whatever the file's original encoding was.

Can you try this as a test?
After git checkout master, open the file with Notepad.
Then in Notepad, do a "Save As". You don't actually have to save it, but look and see what the selected encoding is.

Open in TOAD:

After save in TOAD (Notepad Save as):

Based on your images above, and your description, it looks like you're opening the file in Notepad after you've saved it from Toad. What does the file look like in Notepad when updated directly from Git, and without opening it in Toad?

Also, what version is your Git command-line client? If you're still using an older version of the Git client (1.7.9 or below), your client may not support UTF-8 encoding. I believe they added support for UTF-8 around the 1.7.9 - 1.7.10 versions.


The matter is that TOAD saves to ANSI after editing, despite the fact that UTF-8 encoding is set. PL/SQL Developer saves to UTF-8 if UTF-8 encoding is set. Git has nothing to do with this.

I made a video to show exactly what I am doing. If you are doing something different, please let me know.

Opened in UTF-8 and saved in ANSI
Choose 1080 for quality

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Oh! My video was backwards - I should have made my original file in UTF8! I tried that and it still worked ok.

But, I can reproduce the problem after watching your video. It breaks when the package is split into different tabs. You can work around it by not splitting. We'll get it fixed soon.