Version 16.* Open File Encoding

Since Toad version 16.0, the encoding is no longer taken into account when opening a file.
Please resume this !!!
We have emense problems when running scripts in SQL Plus if files are not saved in UTF 8 (without BOM).
This happens since version 16.0 unfortunately often because when opening and then closing a file the encoding, see Toad options Files / General is no longer taken into account.

Picture of Toad Version 14.*:

When you open a file, we open it with whatever encoding is already in the file.

If you do a "save" (without using the save dialog), we will keep whatever encoding the file already has (we detect it when the file opens)

The save dialog still has the encoding option, so you have the opportunity to change it.

If this doesn't meet your needs, please let me know some steps to reproduce a problem so we can fix it.