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Highlight hangs up Toad


I am using Sometimes when I highlight some of my Where statement, Toad freezes up. I can't do anything to free it up. I have to go to the Task Manager to End the process. I don't know the exact steps to re-create it, but it happens a lot. Is there something that Toad is doing when you highlight something? I'm not doing anything like copy/cut, just highlighting some text and it will freeze. It just started happening after I upgraded to version 14.


Not sure if this related, but you wouldn't happen to have Citrix Workspace App installed, would you?

If so, there is a known issue with Citrix that could be the culprit... see

No, I do not have Citrix installed.

Do you have the word wrap option enabled and is text wrapped on screen when this occurs? There is another issue that was reported where Toad will hang. The steps are different, but the root cause might be applicable to other scenarios.

No, I do not have word wrap enabled (I'm not sure why anyone would in a SQL editor). The SQL text I have in the editor at the time is small (there would be no wrapping if it were enabled).

I have exactly the same version of Toad ( and I have the same issue.
In Editor, when I type in some text (can be random text), select it i.e. by mouse (direction of the selection matters!) and press ENTER or SPACE, Toad is immediately frozen.

Interesting is that when I select it from bottom to top, it all works and there is no issue.
It's frozen only when I select the text from top to bottom (and press ENTER or SPACE).

Also do not have Citrix and word wrap disabled.

Hi Seacomp,

The spacebar hang is fixed in beta. You can get it here Toad for Oracle 14.1 Beta.


As John mentioned it's been resolved in Toad 15.0 beta. If you cannot use the beta then you can disable Auto Replace in Options on the Editor | Auto Replace page as a workaround.