How to pause F5 script run to view results?


In 17GA, I regularly have some one-off scripts to run. Some of the more complex ones require me to verify the results of one step before continuing to the next, and some of those have several steps. I've been executing these in separate tabs, but I'd prefer to do them all in one to get them all in the same transaction, as a failure in step 4 would generally warrant a rollback of the previous steps.

Enter the "PAUSE" SQL*Plus emulated command in an F5-able script, which almost fits the bill. The only issue is its modal popup doesn't let me validate the output of the previous commands, which requires me to scroll up (many) lines in the Script Output window.

Thoughts on how one might do what I want to do here?


Howdy back...

You could use Toad's Script Debugger facilities, which gets you pretty close to what you want, I think. Snap One shows how to toggle on the mode, and Snap Two shows how my script can be stepped into (line by line, skip lines, run-to-cursor, etc.) and still allows me to FIND stuff in the script output right then and there between the lines... don't have to mess with PAUSEs any more.

Hope this helps.


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Huh. Apparently using a piece of software for 25 years causes one to forget aspects of said software that they haven't used in awhile.

I can set breakpoints and just let 'er rip. I think that will work perfectly!

Thanks Gary!

There's always something to discover in Toad, even for folks like us who have been using it for over two decades now! Glad this helped out.