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How to turn off row select in version 13.2

Hey guys,
can you please tell me how to turn off row select in table description - column grid (in version 13.2)? In previous versions (up to 12.12), it can be done by right click into column grid (or partition or index grid) and uncheck "row select". I cant find this option in version 13.2 (I see only "filter" option after RMB).

Thank you and have a nice holidays

It's there for me in 13.2.

What does your right-click menu look like?

Hey John, thanks for quick reply. My colleagues (who already have new version) asked me how they can turn it off, but they told it little wrong to me. The problem is only on Partitioning tab, I am sorry for wrong description. There is only "Filter" option on right-click menu.

Oh, I see.

The grid on the partition frame is a different kind of control than the grid on the column and index tab. There is no way to turn off row select there.

If you are trying to disable row select in order to only the copy partition name (not entire row) to clipboard:
One way you could do that - click the "Rename" button (first one on the toolbar) and copy it out of the "Rename" dialog. Then just cancel out.

Yes, the reason is that you wrote - to copy just some info (partition name, high value, tablespace) and to use it somewhere else. Thanks for that workaround - but it works only for partition name. Why was partition grid layout redesigned in new versions? I cant see even one benefit when I compare it to the old one. Thank you.

We used to have partitions and subpartitions on separate tabs. Now they are combined. So you can see all partitioning info together in one place. Click on a subpartitioned table and the display will change somewhat.

I'll add a row select option there.

We dont use subpartitions in our data warehouse, so I didnt saw that. Thank you John for row select re-addition.