HTML email encoding in Russian is broken

I create an HTML file and connect it to Automation -> Mail element, after sending an e-mail via TOAD the encoding of Russian language is broken and the e-mail comes just a set of characters. UTF-8 encoding is set everywhere. Please tell me if anyone has encountered this problem and how you solved it. For more than a month I can't figure out this problem and I couldn't find any solutions either.

Can you please be more specific? How was the HTML file created? Are you using the HTML for the body of your e-mail task within the Automation script?

Only thing I can think of is that TDP can control the encoding of files, and this control is either at the Editor (Editor->Character Encoding from the pull-down menu) or via the options, as in the screen snap below. Maybe playing with the encoding may help?

Just curious, have you opened a Support ticket to see if Support can identify the issue?

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