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Import Wizard using remote database connection, allow program through firewall

When I first started using Toad, I had to allow a few different exe’s through the firewall. I am able to run queries against our database in France, but I am not able to use the import wizard to import a local copy of the views on this database. To get around this, I first select to a file using an automation script, and then import the excel files. It will be much cleaner if I can just use the import wizard, but when I attempt this, the wizard hangs after selecting the query to use. It is as if the wizard cannot connect to the database in order to walk me through. Can anyone tell me, what are the application files that the wizard uses so I can place in the list of allowed programs to go outside of the firewall?

Import wizard only use ToadCore.dll. The difference between import file and import query is that import query need to make additional connection to execute the query. Is there any restriction on how man y connection you can make to your database in France?

I don’t think I have any restrictions for number of connections.

Does the query that you use in the Import wizard work fine in the SQL editor?

Also, when you try to do the import is the connection to the db in France already open in TDP? If not can you do this and see if that makes a difference?

Debbie - that does not make a difference. The wizard freezes up at the step where you choose the query, and if you look at the task manager, it shows that the program is not responding. I chose the query with the France connection active, and let it run for 5 minutes, but the wizard never advanced to the sample data screen.

When I open the query in the editor, I do get this error message, but the query then runs fine.


connections.pngPlease do what you did above again. After you get the error and run the query, go to the connection manager and get the tool tip over the connection. I want to see how many connections are in the pool. It will look like this.

It says 0 of 1 connections in pool active.

Debbie - I tried again and just let Toad work…it took about 5-7 minutes, but the import wizard finally went to the next screen to set the database and table.

Then that tells me it is taking a long time to create the new connection and execute the query to get the first 100 rows which is what it needs to do to continue