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impossible to write text in editor when changing the screen resolution to a smaller value



sometimes I use a remote session to work in toad with a smaller screen. Sometimes it is not possible to write a text in editor as this area of the editor is not present any more.

Is there any way to resize the input section of the editor?

The behavior can easily tested by making the main window of TOAD smaller.



I see the same thing on both and 12.6. I think the trick is is to make sure the lower half of the screen is relatively small - by doing so, when Toad is resized smaller, you can still see the split between top and bottom halves - then you can access the bit that allows you to resize the bottom half. Of course, that’s not much use when you’re on a smaller screen; you’d need to go back to the bigger screen and amend appropriately, but it’s a workaround for now.



CTRL+F2 will automatically move the splitter to the middle.