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Is an option to update Toad for Oracle to use Oracle 12.2 syntax?

Is there away to update/change syntax version to be Oracle 12.2 instead of 11?

Or if it is support in different version of Toad for Oracle?


I don't have the release dates in front of me for Oracle 12.2 and Toad 12.9, but if Toad 12.9 came out first, then it's not going to support Oracle 12.2 syntax. You'd have to update your Toad to get that.

You could, however, change the syntax highlighting in Options -> Editor -> Font and Styling, if you want to add colorization of some keyword, for example....

Thanks John for quick respond.

For now it is showing as invalid syntax e.g. LISAGG(col, ', ' ON OVERFLOW TRUNCATE) and refused to format so... I was just curious if there is a workaround.

Oh, to fix that, you'll need to update Toad. If you send me your full query I'll test it to make sure that it formats in the current version. You can send it in a private message if you don't want to post it for the world to see.

Thanks. Yes, it would be great if you could let me know Toad version # to upgrade to.

Query could be something simple with overflow trnc.


It formats correctly in the current version (13.2) which came out yesterday. Update to 13.2 if you can.

I did not try each version in between 12.9 and 13.2, but I also tried 12.12, and it formats correctly in that version also.

Thank you John for the info.

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One dummy question ... is it now "Quest Toad for Oracle" or "Dell Toad for Oracle"?

Just wanted to identify to request new version (at my company).

Quest. We are no longer a part of Dell.

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